Accessory maker Tether Tools has announced the latest version of its JerkStopper cable management device. Users can clip the JerkStopper onto USB or power cables to stop cables from causing damage to cameras by being accidentally pulled out. It extends supports to cables such USB, HDMI, power adapters etc with a diameter of 3.5mm to 8.5mm. JerkStopper is available as stand-alone product for $16.95 or as a kit with computer support devices for $21.95.

Press Release:

Tether Tools® Introduces JerkStopper® Tethering Kit Securing Camera and Computer Cables for Photographers

Phoenix, AZ - November 2, 2010 - Tether Tools® recently launched a new line of JerkStopper® cable retention devices to help photographers secure their tethering cables. The JerkStoppers are the first products on the market to effectively protect camera, computer and cables from damage that results from a cable accidentally being pulled or stressed.

The Tether Tools Tethering Kit includes a JerkStopper Camera Support and one of the four Computer Support models. The Camera Support provides slack in the cord and secures the cable connector in place to prevent stress damage on the plug or accidental dislodging while shooting.

This patented design removes the stress and strain from the cable, ensuring the plug stays securely in place and protects expensive photography equipment from potential damage at the connection. The JerkStopper Camera Support also includes a quick disconnect for efficient set-up. To protect computers, Tether Tools has developed four Computer Support models to meet the needs of any photographer and their varying configurations.

The computer supports connect to a spare USB port, RJ11 (telephone modem jack), RJ45 (network Ethernet jack) or opt for the Flat Mount design which Velcro's directly to a Tether Table or other surface (Velcro included). Any of the JerkStoppers can be used with any standard USB, FireWire or HDMI cable, A/C power adapter cord or flash sync cord and will support any cable or cord diameter from 3.5mm to 8.5mm.

This versatile and inexpensive tool could save photographers and computer users hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in preventable damage. The complete Tether Tools JerkStopper product line is available for purchase at Tether and in select retail locations.