The tiny GoPro camera can make some spectacular videos. From Red Bull’s record breaking skydive to a cat's perspective on chasing a laser pointer, there is serious potential for the $200-$400 video camera. The GoPro has survived some extreme photographic situations, but it can also work well for more conventional video needs.

When San Diego-based photographer Ben Horne got married earlier this year, he put a GoPro HD Hero2 in his bride’s bouquet to create a unique camera angle. Horne combined the bouquet footage with the video from his Panasonic TM700 and another GoPro in a stable location for his personal wedding video. On his blog, Horne shares how he got the GoPro in the bouquet.

The GoPro looks subtle in the bouquet, not overwhelming the flowers and the footage is intriguing. In the video Horne shared on his blog, a brief clip shows the couple’s friends and family applauding as they enter the reception—an emotional moment for a newly married couple cleverly captured from the bride’s perspective.