What hasn't changed
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What hasn't changed

As mentioned earlier, the K-1 II retains the 36MP full-frame CMOS sensor from its predecessor, along with its PRIME IV image processor, 33-point AF system and 5-axis in-body image stabilization. In addition to its Pixel Shift and shake reduction duties, the IBIS system also allows for automatic horizon correction and AA-filter simulation.

The unique 'Cross-Tilt' LCD makes an appearance on the Mark II, complete with LEDs that can shed light on nearby controls. You can compose your photos through a large pentaprism viewfinder with a magnification of 0.70x and 100% coverage (naturally).

The built-in GPS on the K-1 II not only allows for geolocation but is also used for the camera's Astrotracer feature, which lets you capture celestial bodies without star trails.

We could keep listing the K-1 II's features, but since they're identical to those on the original, check out our review of that camera for all the details.