PMA 2001: Silicon Film Technologies today conducted the first public demonstration of its Electronic Film System (EFS turns a conventional 35mm SLR into a digital camera) technology to attendees at PMA 2001. They have also now upgraded to a 1.3 million pixel CCD from their original 800k version.

Silicon Film Technologies Demonstrates EFS-1(TM) at PMA; Electronic Film System Turns Conventional 35mm SLR Into a Digital Camera

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- PMA - Silicon Film Technologies, Inc. today conducted the first public demonstration of its Electronic Film System (EFS) technology to attendees at PMA 2001, the largest exhibition of imaging products and services in North America. The company's first product, EFS-1, is designed to fit into the film compartment of select 35mm SLR cameras and allow the user to capture digital images with no modification to the camera. The systems' three components, (e)film(TM) Cartridge, (e)port(TM) Carrier and (e)box(TM) Storage module, are designed for the image capture, image transfer to a PC or Mac®, and remote image storage respectively. EFS-1 was demonstrated at Silicon Film's PMA booth #3411.

``The genesis of EFS-1 carries us to a new and exciting plateau,'' said Ken Fay, President and Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Film. ``This demonstration is a goal we have been seeking for some time, and we are very happy to be conducting it at this prestigious show. Silicon Film's EFS-1 is a limited edition product targeted at prosumer photographers, which includes the serious hobbyist up to semi-pro and professional levels,'' Fay continued. ``After we conduct the required certification and 'beta' testing, we will announce a confirmed shipping date.''

Silicon Film's patented technology is based on a high-resolution CMOS image sensor and the extreme miniaturization of the required electronics to achieve (e)film's unique adaptability. The value of the EFS-1 design is that prosumer photographers can extend the use of their sizeable investments in 35mm SLR cameras, lenses and other accessories to ``bridge'' the conventional film and digital worlds, all with a single photography system that is both completely familiar and comfortable. Further, the user can easily switch between conventional film and digital, depending on the shooting requirements.

``With the explosive growth of digital photography, we have certainly been challenged to keep up with a rapidly advancing market,'' said J. Bruce Totty, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Silicon Film Technologies. ``We migrated from our original 800k pixel CMOS sensor to a 1.3 million pixel sensor which we are demonstrating here at PMA. Our next generation EFS products will match our product features with other competitive market offerings and have the unique advantage of the (e)film concept.''

``EFS-1 proves a concept that just made sense from the beginning,'' said Doug Howe, Chief Marketing Officer, Silicon Film Technologies. ``The combination of our advanced image science, use of leading-edge CMOS imager technology and the functionality of an SLR camera provides us a strong market opportunity. Plans are in place to expand the compatibility of our product with additional camera models in the future.''