German manufacturer Intuitfocus has released what it calls the first hands-free follow-focus system system for DSLRs. The Intuitfocus HF-IF1 is built a motorized belt-drive system that attaches around the lens and is remotely controlled by scroll wheel. Aimed at videographers who shoot movies with HD enabled DSLRs, this system is designed to offer smooth and shake-free focus or zooming. The system can be used to control focus, zoom or aperture. According to the US distributor HP Marketing, the HF-IF1 will be available from September 2010 at a retail of $3,900 for the complete kit.

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The Intuitfocus HF-IF1 follow focus system was developed by Professionals for Professionals! The problems associated with focusing a DSLR camera in manual mode, especially in outdoor situations or at wide open apertures, has not been solved by any FF systems…until now!

The difficulty in achieving a sharp, accurate image, without the need for an assistant or “focus puller” is the reason for the development of the Intuitfocus system. The aim of the IF is to assist the camera operator to focus or zoom the objective in manual mode, in on a tripod, dolly, crane, rig or a Steadicam without touching the camera’s lens! A close collaboration between the IF team and highly skilled professional cameramen, each with many years of experience in the film and television industry, developed the IF system to work to the exacting requirements needed when shooting film/videos with a DSLR camera.

Now cameramen alone can have total control over their image composition. Intuitfocus is proud to have developed and produced the IF follow focus system to the high quality standards associated with a “Made in Germany” product. The HF-IF1 is unique as the ONLY “hands-free” Follow Focus system that is compatible with all video and DSLR Cameras, and can be operated by the cameraman alone. ‘Hands-free’ follow focus system using only one finger.

The first electro-mechanical follow focus system that operates intuitively and “hands-free“. Focus is really quick and easy’ using a finger or thumb, and without the need to put your hand on the tripod, dolly, crane, rig or Steadicam to set your lens focus! Universally adaptable and not just for film or video. Also ideal for copy stand, macro and nature work with still cameras and for use with broadcast video cameras for zoom or focus or aperture control!

The IF system can be used on all DSLR cameras with lenses from 14mm to 600mm, including shooting with Zeiss still or compact prime lenses. The IF system is easy to mount and is compatible with most lenses, and enables one to focus or to zoom precisely and quickly without any camera shake. Intuitfocus is designed, developed and manufactured in Germany!

Conceived and developed by professionals for professionals whose requirements for focusing and sharpness of image are of paramount importance. Focus or zooming is now possible without the operator using a hand to adjust the focus or zoom ring of the objective and all movements are virtually shake free. No more camera “shake” to blur the image or shot!

The Intuitfocus HF-F1 is controlled by a thumb/finger operated wheel, it is progressive and gives feedback so the operator can intuitively “feel” the adjustment, unlike the majority of existing follow focusing systems available.

The input signal between the components is over a cable, so it eliminates the risk of radio interference, time lapse or external signal disturbance that can occur with wireless systems. The Intuitfocus system can be controlled at distance remotely, with an optional 19’ cable to connect the IF focus control unit and the IF electric motor belt drive lens unit, especially useful with an extending camera cranejib rig. The progressive control wheel enables quick focus from zero and extremely precise, fine sensitive lens adjustment movement.

The Intuitfocus toothed rubber belt drive has these important advantages:

  • 4 different rubber belt sizes are supplied for various lens diameters, for “Fisheye” to 600mm lenses
  • No additional geared drive rings for individual lenses required.
  • Quick easy changes between different lens setups.
  • Precision focus due to the relatively large surface contact in respect to the lens focusing or zoom ring.
  • The least forces applied to the lens and camera-body bayonet
  • Practically friction-free movement with low noise level.

Discover and further develop your technique in the amazing world of film. We welcome any queries our customers may have concerning the setup or use of their Intuitfocus follow focus system.

The Intuit system is available September 2010 at your favorite dealer!

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