Samsung has released firmware version 1.2 for its NX300 interchangeable lens camera. The biggest claimed improvement is to autofocus, though Samsung has not disclosed what kind of improvement to expect. The update also adds new touchscreen features, a microphone sensitivity adjustment feature, auto image rotation, and a minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO. Several bugs are also fixed. 

Firmware v1.2 for Samsung NX300

  • Adding Multi-touch zoom, double tap zoom functions
  • Adding Minimum shutter speed settting function (ISO Auto in P or A mode)
  • Adding AF point moving function without focusing in Touch AF
  • Adding Touch screen on/off menu (Even touch off, playback mode and menu selection is worked by touch.)
  • Adding guide message off menu during mode change
  • Adding MIC sensitivity level adjustment menu
  • Adding MENU, FN button display off mode in display mode
  • Fixing exposure error in SmartRange+ mode
  • Adding auto rotate function
  • Improving AF quality
  • Improving SD card compatibility
  • Adding interfaces for new Lens line up
  • Improving that some video player does not play sound on end parts of video clip in PC

Click here to download firmware v1.2 for Samsung NX300