National Geometric is a social enterprise that brings a personal touch to charitable giving. Through the sales of single-edition, 10x15 prints of a person with a specific need, National Geometric helps provide food, water, medical care, tuition for school, and other basic necessities. The cost of each photograph reflects the amount needed to help the person in the photograph. According to the website, you’ll get another print of the recipient after he or she has received the aid that was requested. 

A recent visit to the National Geometric store yielded photos of ten people in need, six of whom had already been helped including a young woman whose print cost $60. It provided one month of HIV treatment. Sunil’s $12 print provided food and water for his household, while others received school clothes.

The organization is looking for photographers and 'other talented creatives' to help out. Currently, the project is concentrated in India but the organization hopes to reach out to other countries and locales.

If you’re interested in helping out - either by donating or photographing people locally or on your next trip, go the National Geometric website to learn more.