Dramatic headline admittedly, a study of 700 digital camera owners (not a huge number, perhaps I should run a similar poll here) found that digital camera owners expect to capture 100% of their images digitally by 2004. In that tight criteria I think alot of digital camera owners already capture near 100% of their images digitally...

Here's the write-up:

InfoTrends Study Reveals that Digital Camera Owners Expect Digital Photography to Replace Film in 4 years

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 21, 2000--In a survey of 700 digital camera owners, InfoTrends Research Group, Inc. found that digital photographers expect to capture 100% of their images digitally by 2004. The study asked several questions about how digital photography has changed digital camera owners' film photography usage. The results show that owning a digital camera reduces the need to use a film camera. In fact, 30% of digital camera owners no longer use a film camera to capture images for their documents. For those still using a film camera, the digital camera, on average, has replaced 63% of the work that used to be done with a film camera.

"Digital photographers are not sufficiently satisfied with the image quality produced by their digital camera to retire their film camera. However, digital photographers are transitioning more of their image capture to the digital camera, because they enjoy the unique benefits of digital capture: convenience, instant feedback, emailing, printing photos at home, and the ability to print only the images that are the best shots," says Michelle Lampmann, market research analyst for InfoTrends Research Group. "As a result, digital photographers capture and print more images than they did with their film camera." The 2000 Digital Camera End User Study shows that, on average, using a digital camera increases the number of pictures used in electronic and printed documents by 86%.

In addition to printing more photos, digital photographers are actively using the Internet with their images. Emailing photos has become the most popular way to share snapshots with friends and family, followed by sharing prints. The study shows that users email a median of four images per week.

Another growth area is online photo albums. The study shows that 50% expect to post images on personal Web sites in the future, and 31% expect to create photo albums on a commercial Web photo site in the future.

The new report "Digital Camera End User Study 2000," available immediately, is designed to help vendors develop digital photography solutions that better meet users' needs. This extensive study is composed of tabulations and analysis of users' equipment profile, feature preferences, applications and usage, software preferences, printing habits, purchase, and satisfaction. The survey includes responses to over 100 questions.