Hasselblad for size comparison only.

If $180,000 seems a bit steep for the Canon 1200mm f/5.6L lens B&H is currently offering in its used department, then perhaps this $33,500 NASA 2540mm f/8 lens on eBay sounds a bit more reasonable. Just think - it's twice the focal length for a fifth the price!

The Jonel 100 is a mirror lens, and according to the listing, it was originally used by NASA to track rockets, like the Saturn V launches in the mid 60's and early 70's. Apparently, a very similar model was also used to track the Challenger Space Shuttle on the day of its tragic explosion.

Authoritative information on the lens is limited, but it seems as if it was used affixed to a Photosonics 70mm 10R camera, which was capable of firing off 125 6x6 frames per second. That's a whole lot of film.

The lens is based on a Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope design, which should sound familiar to anyone involved with astronomy. Internally, you’ll find a two element field correctors, which produces a 57x57mm image. The aperture, f/8, is likely fixed.

Sadly, the 180-pound lens sold this morning, but it probably would have broken your tripod anyway. At least the buyer can take comfort in the seller's 100% positive feedback and 14-day return policy.