Triggertrap has released a new app that allows photographers to take more control of their timelapse sessions by introducing the ability to add delays into a sequence. Timelapse Pro is available for iOS devices running iOS 8 and, with the appropriate Triggertrap Mobile Kit dedicated cable, can control over 300 camera models. 

The new app allows users to specify the duration of a timelapse sequence by dictating how many images are taken or how long the sequence goes on for, and then a delay can be programmed in before the sequence continues again. The company suggests these delays will be useful for subjects such as a plant growing.

The system will allow the camera to shoot during daylight hours and then pause overnight to start shooting again in the morning at the time the user has programmed in. Delays can also be used to capture events that are due to take place in the future when the photographer won't be present.  Each section of the sequence can be individually named so that they are easy to find and identify. 

The Triggertrap Timelaspe Pro app costs £3.99/$4.99 from the Apple App store, and the Mobile Kit cable costs £29.99/$44.47.