Canon's MReal headset combines live video with computer generated graphics to create a Mixed Reality experience.

Canon first introduced us to the concept of a Mixed Reality headset at its Expo in 2010. Now, the technology is going to be released for a whopping $125,000. The Canon Mixed Reality System—also known as MReal—will be available for big spenders on March 1st. On top of the device’s outrageous price, users will have to pay an additional $25,000 annual fee for maintenance.

The MReal is obviously not aimed at the average consumer. Instead, Canon is marketing it towards companies who want to create virtual prototypes to test user experience. Unveiled at an event at Manhattan's Classic Car Club, the MReal uses two cameras to send a video feed of the wearer’s surroundings to a pair of small monitors. This, combined with computer-generated graphics, creates a Mixed Reality experience.

The folks at Engadget have a hands-on with the MReal on their website