Just got a message from my good friend Tham Kok Leong over at Digital Darkroom, it's not often that we mention printers on this site but being the proud owner of an Epson Stylus Photo 750 I feel that I should mention Epson's latest printer the 870 with the promise of longer lasting prints (claimed 10 years), edge-to-edge printing and "photo rolls" the ability to produce 35mm-like prints at home with a good quality digital camera and printer is already here.

Here's what the Hong Kong Epson webpage says:

  • New 4-picolitre Ultra Micro Dots
  • 1440 dpi High-Resolution 6 Colour Photo Printing
  • High-Speed Throughput
  • Borderless, Edge-to-Edge Printing on EPSON Photo Paper#
  • 10-Year Lightfast Prints*
  • AcuPhoto HalftoningTM
  • PhotoEnhanceTM 4 function
  • Built-in PC Parallel Connection
  • Built-in USB Connection

Standard Borderless Printing# with Banner Function available with Free Roll Paper Holder Bundled

EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 870 comes bundled with the never released before software - "EPSON Photo Reproduction Lab" that allows you to print unique, borderless, edge-to-edge on roll-type EPSON Photo Paper fitted on the roll paper holder, up to 10 copies at a time. Our Banner function, moreover, enables you to print 6 images together as a banner, adding lettering, logos, mini-illustrations and even paint on and apply transparency masks to your images.

Professional Photo-Quality Printing with 10-Year Lightfassness*

To cater for your diverse image source, the new EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 870 delivers top-of-the-line photo-reproduction quality printing on just about any images from digital camera, scanner, photo CD, or the Internet. EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 870 also offers new unrivalled speed. What's more, our reformulated QuickDryTM ink and EPSON Premium Glossy Photo Paper deliver lightfast prints that retain their true colour for over 10 years*.

Top Quality and Unrivalled Speed Go Hand in Hand

EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 870 reproduces with fascinating quality because of our 6-colour printing at 1440dpi, and the 4-picolitre (pl) Ultra Micro DotTM. Backed by the Variable-Sized Droplet Technology with a new version of AcuPhoto HalftoningTM, the result is a new standard of colour fidelity with colour blends and gradations vitually indistinguishable from the original.

Variable-Sized Droplet Technology, moreover, optimises the balance between speed and image qualtiy so that printing is both speedy and efficient. EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 870 also offers high-speed bi-directional and quiet printing in all print modes, speeding up printing by 28% over EPSON STYLUSTM PHOTO 750 ink jet printer.

Versatility Printing Including Poster Function

Our full-featured driver software plus EPSON PhotoEnhanceTM 4 allow you to choose from 5 tone settings (Monochrome, Normal, Hard, Vivid and Sepia) and 5 effect settings (Sharpness, Soft Focus, Canvas, Parchment and None) for enhanced creativity. In addition, you can enhance low-resolution images downloaded from digital cameras or the internet and select print layouts and watermarks at your command. EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 870, moreover, allows you to print in Poster mode, enlarging your picture up to 16 sheets of A4-sized printout.

New IntellidgeTM Ink Cartridges

New Intellidge ink cartridges ensure accurate ink level display via our Status Monitor 3 - even when partially used cartridges are removed and reinserted. So for important print jobs, you can insert fresh cartridges then switch back to the partially used cartridges later. The result is more efficent ink usage, and hassle free operation.

Easy Plug-and-Play Setup

USB connectivity provides plug-and-play support for Windows 98 operating environments and the latest generation of Macintosh and iMac computers, and the Parallel interface can support Windows 95/ 98 and NT 4.0.

Specifications page

# Borderless printing requires roll-type EPSON Photo Paper (89mm x 7m or 100mm x 8m) with a Roll Paper Holder.
* Under fluorescent light with glass mount (indoor display condition). See "Lightfastness Test Criteria".