New pricing for the Canon EOS-1D C will go into effect in North America February 1st, taking the retail price from $11,999 down to $7,999. The camera is coming up on its third birthday, introduced in April 2012. The 18MP full-frame sensor is capable of 4K video. The EOS-1D C also offers 1080 HD video, dual CF card slots and a 61-point AF system. Canon Rumors has been following the EOS-1D C price cut which first surfaced in Hong Kong earlier this month.

The price drop could mean that the camera is near end of life, but that would be uncharacteristic of Canon. Instead, it may simply be a reflection of the current market, where Panasonic's GH4 and the Sony a7S provide 4K video at prices well below even the EOS-1D C's discounted $8000.