Optical manufacturer Sigma has expanded its portfolio of lens filters with the introduction of four new models, three of which feature water and oil repellent coatings. The new coatings have been applied to the company’s ultra violet and circular polariser filters, as well as a new clear-glass protector.

The WR water resistant coating is said to reduce the likelihood that water and oil will stick to the surface of the filters, and to make it easier to wipe them off if they do. Sigma says that the coating makes it easier to clean finger prints from the glass as well. The antistatic coating is designed to keep dust off the filter surface and to make air-blowers more effective at moving what doesn’t fall off naturally.

Sigma’s new protection glasses will be available with and without the WR/antistatic coatings, and all these filters will have anti-reflection multi-coatings to reduce the impact of flare in bright conditions. Sigma has also used what it describes as 'black rimmed glass' to cut internal reflections from the outer edge of the glass that sits inside the frame.

As most digital cameras have quite effective UV-cut coatings applied to the sensor already, these protector filters are being presented as a lower cost alternative for those who don’t need additional UV filtration.

Available in sizes from 46mm to 105mm, Sigma has used thin frames that help to avoid mechanical vignetting when used with extreme wide angle lenses in the sizes from 46mm-82mm. The 86mm, 95mm and 105mm will use the standard thicker frames. The company has also introduced a new case for these filters that uses a soft Elastomer resin inside to stop them rattling around when they are being carried.

The filters will go on sale in October.

SRP Starting from £18.99

SIGMA WR PROTECTOR (Water-repellent, Antistatic type)    
SRP Starting from £26.99

SIGMA WR UV FILTER (UV Water-repellent, Antistatic type):   
SRP Starting from £29.99

SIGMA WR CIRCULAR PL FILTER (PL Water-repellent, Antistatic type)
SRP Starting from £44.99

Press Release:

Sigma Corporation Announces State-of-The Art Teleconverters and Filters 

New filters and teleconverters help photographers maximize optical performance and use of lenses

RONKONKOMA, N.Y — September 12, 2014 – Sigma Corporation of America, a leading researcher, developer, manufacturer and service provider of some of the world's most impressive lines of lenses, cameras and flashes, today announced its first line of Global Vision accessories. 

Building on the exceptional quality and sleek design of Sigma’s popular Global Vision lenses, the company will now offer two new teleconverters offering magnifications of 1.4x and 2x, respectively, and four new lens filter types, including three water repellent (WR) models.

“The announcement of these new accessories reaffirms our commitment to providing photographers with the highest quality tools they need to experience the amazing photographic details of our lenses,” said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, president of Sigma Corporation of America.

Teleconverters: TC-1401 and TC2001
The teleconverters TC-1401 and TC2001 are developed as dedicated attachments for Sigma Global Vision lenses. By mounting it in between a telephoto lens and a camera, the TC-1401 and TC-2001 will magnify a lens’ focal length by 1.4 and 2 times, respectively. Both models now incorporate Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass elements, the TC-1401 with 1 and the TC2001 with 2 SLD elements, which offer excellent aberration correction and maintain the exceptional image quality of the original lens. The TC-1401 will be sold for the street price of $349, and the TC2001 will be sold for $399. Availability is still yet to be announced for both teleconverters. 

The teleconverters come packed with additional special features – its power distribution is designed for Sigma lenses of large diameter. Without affecting the lens performance, these options offer stable image quality through the zoom at every focal length and on the corners of the frame. Additionally, the tele converters are designed for high durability – being both dust and splash-proof. These new teleconverters are capable of shooting effective AF at F8, if the camera can do so. 

Filter lineups: WR Protector, Protector, WR UV Filter, WR Circular PL Filter
With the new Global Vision lens filters, Sigma will now offer 13 filter size options in four new lineups. These filters offer several new features that enable photographers to maximize the optical performance of Sigma’s lenses in various conditions. The filters will be available for purchase in October.  

These filters have a new design that suits the high optical performance of all new Global Vision products to prevent vignetting or the decrease in peripheral light quantities especially when the thinner wide type filters are used with Sigma lenses. By incorporating Sigma’s Super Multi-Layer Coating, the filter reduces flare and hosting; black rimmed glass eliminates unnecessary internal reflections, and provides high performance for both digital cameras and film cameras. In addition, to ensure versatility, Sigma’s WR filters feature excellent water and oil repellent as well as an antistatic function, and the two types of “Protector” can protect the lens surface effectively.

The four line ups include:

  • WR Protector (Water-repellent, antistatic type) and Protector (normal type): The protector is developed to protect the lens surface from dirt and dust as well as scratches. It is an ideal filter for regular use as it is completely colorless so it does not affect color reproduction.
  • WR UV Filter (UV water-repellent, antistatic type): UV filter prevents the bluish tone that generates by absorbing ultraviolet rays. It is effective in most situations, such as landscape, portrait and general photography on a sunny day.
  • WR Circular PL Filter (PL water-repellent, antistatic type): Circular PL filter removes the reflection of water surface and glass windows, and increases the contrast in landscape photography. 

The company will be exhibiting at 2014 Photokina in Cologne, Germany, where its Global Vision lenses will be on display. Attendees are invited to stop by booth #B20/C29 in Hall 4.2. For information about Sigma, go to www.sigmaphoto.com or follow the company on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.