'Facial cartography' is an apt description of Swiss photographer Daniel Boschung's portraits. Folds, crevices and pores that are often invisible under normal viewing conditions are shown in extreme detail in his 900MP images. 

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Each of his photographs is comprised of about 600 images captured by an ABB robot with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 180mm macro lens. During the 30-minute capture session, the subject sits in an adjustable chair, similar to those found in a dentist’s office, and remains still for the duration with his or her head supported in position by a curved headrest. 

'Carla' captured at extremely high resolution using Daniel Boschung's ~900MP rig.  Here's a detail from Carla's right eye, at close to maximum magnification. Click here to experience Borschung's high-resolution portraits for yourself.

Proprietary software directs the robot’s subtle movements, with the camera triggering the shutter and strobes for each brief stop on a different area of the face. Given the need for high-speed flashes over an extended period of time, Boschung also used Broncolor's Scoro S 3200 RFS 2 power pack to avoid overheating and flash failure during the shoot.

Learn more and experience zooming in on one of Boschung's portraits for yourself on his website.