Today we're publishing the first in a series of articles by Uwe Steinmueller of Digital Outback Photo on the art of HDR photography. The first chapter (of what will eventually become Uwe's next E-book) covers the basics of dynamic range and the basics of High Dynamic Range photography. Future chapters will cover capture, workflow and advanced HDR techniques. For now, enjoy this exclusive first part of what we hope will develop into a useful manual for anyone interested in getting more of the dynamic range they see in the scenes they photograph into the images and prints they produce.

We asked Uwe to give us a brief introduction to this series of articles:

"We've been looking into HDR photography Since 2002. It took some time for the tools to mature until we finally, in 2004, got first results we liked. Since then HDR has become a fixed part of our art photography. During this period we took more than 20,000 bracketed photos. Not all of these squences were used for HDR, but we could tap into it if we needed to. Now in 2010 we finally feel confident to share our personal experience with HDR. There are also some new tools now in the market that make HDR more viable than ever before. These articles on HDR feature our personal experience.

So far we plan the following articles:

  • Understanding Dynamic Range
  • HDR Challenges
  • HDR Workflow
  • Some advanced HDR Topics
  • HDR Showcases

Click here to read the first chapter of The Art of HDR Photography