Have your say: Best midrange ILC of 2016
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Have your say: Best midrange ILC of 2016

A lot of good cameras were released this year, among them several excellent options in the mid-range segment. For the sake of a manageable selection, we're calling 'midrange' any cameras which aren't specifically marketed at entry-level consumers. So you won't find the Canon Rebel T6 in this selection, for instance, but you will find the EOS 80D. 

We're running a separate poll for what we're calling 'enthusiast and professional' ILCs, so the chances are that if your favorite camera isn't listed in this article, it can be found here.

You'll find the poll embedded in the final page of this slideshow, but for now, click through to read more about this year's crop of midrange ILCs.

Have your say

Have your say: Best midrange ILC of 2016
  • Canon EOS 80D13.3%
  • Canon EOS M59.4%
  • Olympus PEN-E-PL83.3%
  • Olympus PEN-F16.6%
  • Panasonic Lumix G8521.8%
  • Pentax K-7011.3%
  • Sony a630024.4%
Total voters: 2,585

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Poll Rules:

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  2. It's fine to vote for products that you haven't used (some aren't yet shipping, after all) but please don't vote purely just to sandbag another product or brand. I.e., please don't be a troll.
  3. Please only vote once, from a single account. Creating and voting from multiple accounts for a community poll of no consequence is a silly thing to do with your time. See points 1 and 2, above, about not being a troll.