UK company Scratch Ideas is seeking £25,000 in funding on crowdsourcing site Kickstarter for a new camera mount it's calling 'Loki'. Loki can be transformed into a dolly, underslung rig, shoulder rig, and cage, and folds up into a portable rectangular brick about the size of a battery grip for transportation and storage.

According to Scratch Ideas, 'We believe you should be able to capture a range of high-quality shots wherever you want without having to carry around a number of heavy, bulky rigs'. As such, Loki screws into a camera’s tripod mount and can be transformed into different forms via articulable joints. Each joint features serrated steel locking plates to prevent movement and slippage. The rig can also be connected to a tripod or monopod.

Additional modules for use with Loki are planned. These will include rails with green wheels, a cage bar module, a pair of 15mm rods, and an underslung module. The full-set retail version of Loki will include the base unit and all four module sets for £400. Kickstarter backers have a couple of options, however: a Loki base unit for £315, and the full set for a discounted £350. Shipping is available internationally and will start for backers in January 2016.