Kodak has today announced the EasyShare Printer Dock Plus which can print 6x4-inch images that have been sent wirelessly from your mobile phone, as well as printing directly from digital cameras and memory cards. Built-in infra-red technology allows user to print directly to the Dock and receive hard copy images in around 60 seconds. A new auto enhance button instantly corrects underexposed shots, a common with phone camera images. The Printer Dock Plus also includes the ability to print, one, four, two or nine images on a 6x4-inch sheet. It also incorporates PictBridge technology, has an SD/MMC slot and users can transfer images from EasyShare cameras as well as recharge batteries in three and a half hours using the dock.

Press Release:

Print Wirelessly from Mobile Phone Cameras with Kodak’s New Printer Dock Plus

EASYSHARE Printer Dock Plus Makes At-Home Picture Printing Fast and Simple from Nearly Any Digital Source, Including Digital Cameras, Memory Cards and Phone Cams

ROCHESTER, N.Y., August 3 — Building on its highly successful line of EASYSHARE printer docks, Eastman Kodak Company today unveiled the KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock Plus. The new model (£199.99 ($362) available beginning this month) quickly and effortlessly makes real KODAK 4x6-inch pictures from nearly any digital source. People can wirelessly transmit pictures from their mobile phone cameras to the Printer Dock Plus, which also prints directly from digital cameras and memory cards — all without the need for a computer.

Using the Printer Dock Plus, waterproof KODAK pictures can be printed at home with just a touch of a button, in as little as 60 seconds each. Thanks to KODAK Color Science technology, the Printer Dock Plus delivers pictures with vibrant, accurate colours — including hard-to-reproduce skin tones. In addition, a new auto enhance button instantly corrects for underexposed (dark) shots, a common occurrence in low-light situations with phone cams and when using digital cameras beyond their flash ranges.

“We’re witnessing the phenomenal growth of camera phones, yet many handset owners aren’t aware how easy it is to print their pictures,” said Richard Stearns, general manager of home printing systems for Kodak’s Digital & Film Imaging Systems operation. “Just as we helped digital camera owners solve the dilemma of sharing and printing their pictures, Kodak is doing the same with phone cam owners. We’ve made significant strides by installing phone camera-friendly KODAK Picture Maker kiosks at retail locations and creating KODAK Mobile Service for online and on-handset sharing. Now the simple-to-use Printer Dock Plus brings that same benefit into the home.”

The Printer Dock Plus includes the ability to print one, two, four or nine images on each 4x6-inch sheet, which is ideal for both high-resolution digital camera and lower-resolution camera phone images. In addition, it incorporates PICTBRIDGE technology for printing directly from other manufacturers’ cameras; a built-in SD/MMC memory card slot; an optional external 8-in-1 memory card reader for using additional popular memory card formats; and a dedicated multi-function docking connector for KODAK EASYSHARE 600/6000 and 700/7000-series digital cameras. KODAK EASYSHARE digital camera owners also benefit from one-touch picture transfer to a connected computer and the convenience of camera battery recharging in less than 3.5 hours — plus reconditioning for improved Ni-MH rechargeable battery performance.

The new Printer Dock Plus can also be connected to a computer to print pictures stored on a hard drive, and is packaged with a sample photo paper and cartridge kit that enables people to immediately make 10 KODAK pictures. 40-count refill packs (£199.99) ($362) include colour cartridges and a matching quantity of thermal photo paper, so users don’t have to worry about running out of supplies in the middle of a project.

Pictures can also be viewed on televisions connected to the Printer Dock Plus; an optional remote control (£199.99) ($362) allows for navigation and even printing from a distance. With its sleek, portable design, owners can even take the Printer Dock Plus on holiday or to a friend’s home, which is made more convenient with the KODAK Printer Dock Travel Bag (£24.99 MSRP).

Market Success

KODAK EASYSHARE printer docks have taken the snapshot photo printing market by storm within a year of their debut, achieving the number one market share in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, according to The NPD Group and GfK. The introduction of the Printer Dock Plus comes at a time when the installed base of camera phones is growing at more than 126 percent worldwide (2003 to 2004) [MM1]  , according to InfoTrends. This is buoyed by the recent introduction of 1-megapixel resolution models suited for snapshot printing.

By incorporating built-in infrared (IrDA) and optional wireless standards (e.g., KODAK Wireless USB Adapter for BLUETOOTH technology; available in October), the KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock Plus joins other products and services from Kodak that are helping make the growing number of camera phone images into KODAK prints. New KODAK Picture Maker G3 kiosks, thousands of which are being enabled with wireless capabilities, can make pictures from both mobile phone cameras and popular memory cards at retail locations worldwide. Through KODAK Mobile Service (www.kodakmobile.com), Kodak offers camera phone users anytime, anywhere access to all of their digital photos and phone-captured video.

New KODAK EASYSHARE software version 4.0 for WINDOWS and MACINTOSH systems — available with the Printer Dock Plus and available for free download from www.kodak.com — provides effortless digital picture organization, editing, sharing and printing. The new version includes an Express Upload feature for keeping OFOTO online picture albums current, the ability to edit pictures in third-party applications, enhanced e-mail powered by Ofoto, and optional Video CD and DVD burning. Its exclusive One Touch to Better Pictures feature takes advantage of proprietary colour technologies developed by Kodak to help users get vibrant, true-to-life prints from inkjet printers.


The award-winning KODAK EASYSHARE digital photography system — consisting of cameras, software, docks and printer docks, inkjet papers and accessories — makes taking, organizing, sharing, and printing high quality digital pictures effortless. More information on KODAK EASYSHARE products is available at www.kodak.co.uk/go/EasyShare.


With a touch of a button, KODAK EASYSHARE printer docks make waterproof KODAK 4x6-inch photos at home in just seconds — all without a computer. Thanks to KODAK Color Science technology, EASYSHARE printer docks deliver prints with vibrant, accurate colours, including hard-to-reproduce skin tones.

EASYSHARE printer docks incorporate PICTBRIDGE technology for printing directly from other manufacturers’ cameras, support for popular memory card formats, and a dedicated multi-function docking connector for KODAK EASYSHARE 600/6000 and 700/7000-series digital cameras. KODAK EASYSHARE digital camera owners also benefit from one-touch picture transfer to a connected computer and the convenience of rapid camera battery recharging in less than 3.5 hours — plus reconditioning for improved Ni-MH rechargeable battery performance.

Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Plus specifications

Price: £ 199.99 ($362)

KODAK photos made simple

  • Borderless 4x6-in. photos at the touch of a button in as little as 60 seconds
  • Treasure prints for a lifetime – XTRALIFE™ lamination makes them durable and waterproof
  • Multiple prints per sheet (1, 2, 4 or 9 images on a single 4 x 6-in. print)
  • One-touch picture transfer to a connected computer
  • Mobile phone camera printing via wireless transfer
  • Auto enhance button to make pictures look their best
  • Built-in SD/MMC memory card reader
  • Audio/video output for TV viewing, with optional remote control
  • Use with or without a computer. Works with:
  • All KODAK EASYSHARE CX/DX 6000/7000 and LS 600/700 series cameras
  • Wireless-enabled devices (e.g., infrared (IrDA) and BLUETOOTH technologies); wireless USB adapter for BLUETOOTH technology sold separately
  • PICTBRIDGE-enabled cameras (direct printing)
  • SD and MMC memory cards (built-in slot)
  • Additional memory cards (SD, MultiMediaCard/MMC, COMPACT FLASH Type I and II, MEMORY STICK, MEMORY STICK Pro, xD, SMARTMEDIA, and MICRODRIVE formats) with optional KODAK 8-in-1 card reader
  • Auto-Enhance Button
    Corrects for underexposure (dark pictures) common to phone cams, as well as digital cameras used beyond their flash ranges.
  • Compatibility
    PICTBRIDGE; DPOF; IrDA v1.1 OBEX wireless technology; BLUETOOTH wireless technology (with optional adapter)
  • Print Sizes
    Borderless 4 x 6 in. (102x152 mm)
    Two bordered, credit card-size photos per sheet (2.1 x 3.35 in., 54 x 85 mm) |
    Four wallet photos per sheet (2 x 3 in., 51x76 mm)
    Nine mini-photos per sheet (1.3 x 2 in., 34 x 51 mm)
  • Media Size
    4 x 7 in. (102 x 184 mm), including two snap-off 0.6-in. (16 mm) perforated sections
  • Print Technology
    Continuous tone thermal dye transfer; KODAK Color Science technology for outstanding skin tone reproduction and color optimization
    Continuous tone thermal dye transfer
  • Print Speed
    As fast as 60 sec. per print
  • Battery Charging
    Rapid camera battery recharging (< 3.5 hours) and Ni-MH reconditioning for optimal performance
  • Battery Recharging Compatibility
    KODAK EASYSHARE Ni-MH battery pack (included); KODAK EASYSHARE Lithium-Ion batteries (included with select KODAK EASYSHARE digital cameras)
  • Power Options
    24V AC adapter
  • Image Transfer
    One-button picture transfer to a connected computer
  • Accepted File Formats
    JPEG/EXIF v2.2
  • Accessories
    USB wireless adapter for BLUETOOTH technology (available October 2004; US$29 MSRP); remote control for TV viewing and printing (price to be confirmed); KODAK Printer Dock Travel Bag
  • Weight 1110 g (39.2 oz.)
  • Dimensions WxHxD (with tray): 7.4 x 3.3 x 13.1 in. (18.8 x 8.3 x 33.4 cm)

    Package Contents
  • KODAK EASYSHARE Printer Dock Plus or Printer Dock
  • KODAK Color Cartridge & Photo Paper kit (10-count)
  • KODAK EASYSHARE printer dock driver software
  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack for select KODAK EASYSHARE digital cameras
  • 24V AC adapter

For additional information, please visit http://www.kodak.com/go/EasyShare/