Think ants are only interested in crashing your summer picnic? When they're not after our stray watermelon slices, it seems they're busy in engaging in ant-to-ant combat. Alex Wild's ant macro photography reveals the warring nature (and surprisingly frightening jaws) of these seemingly unassuming insects. His photos and their equally fascinating captions reveal fights over territory, conflicts between colonies and brutal take-downs that rival UFC brawls - all going on otherwise unnoticed at our feet. 

Photo by Alex Wild.
Photo by Alex Wild.
Photo by Alex Wild.

Wild's photographs reveal ants to be fearsome creatures, working together to pin down a much larger intruder on their home territory and gang up on a neighbor that wandered over from another nest. The Illinois-based biologist studies insect evolution and sees photography "as an aesthetic complement" to his research. We find his photos engrossing, and slightly squirm-inducing.

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