Canon EOS Digital (click for larger image - 74KB)
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Those lucky guys at Imaging-Resource got the first jump on this (if I wasn't in the middle of a trans-world move I'd have been at PMA) and posted some pictures of Canon's new EOS digital SLR. The only news released at this stage is that it's a full AF SLR with Canon EF Mount accepting Canon EF Lenses, over 3 million pixels and a tentative launch of Fall 2000 (phew!.. We heard that of the D1, hope Canon can be more accurate with their release predictions than Nikon).

Here's what I could glean from the photographs of the Prototype "behind glass"

  • Digital SLR based on Canon EOS body (not sure exactly WHICH body)
  • Full TTL viewfinder
  • Large rear LCD
  • Large top information LCD
  • AF-assist Beam
  • Multiple drive modes
  • AF / WB lock
  • Full range of AE modes: Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, Manual, Auto Depth of Field mode
  • Full range of programmed AE modes: Portrait, Sports, Macro, Night Scene, Landscape
  • Rolling rear command wheel
  • Rolling top command wheel
  • Area focus points, AE-Lock
  • Built-in pop-up flash
  • Playback Zoom / Thumbnails / Info Display / Image Erase

Anyone who's at PMA who'd like to contribute pictures from the show please send them to: Phil Askey

Click here for the Imaging-Resource pictures