My good friends over at Impress PC Watch have just published another set of sample images from the FujiFilm S1 Pro Digital SLR. This time at different resolutions, compression settings and ISO's. And to please some people there are even comparison shots with Nikon's D1 taken of the same scene on the same day.

Click here for the PC Watch S1 Pro / D1 samples

Phil's take on these samples: (my opinion)

First off, it's tough to compare the D1 and S1 because of the different image sizes. However, if you compare the "fine2.jpg" from the S1 (2304 x 1536) and the "d1_6.jpg" from the D1 (2000 x 1312) you'll soon see that the S1's image has a more "video" look than the D1's clean photographic edge. If you like you can try downloading "fine3.jpg" from the S1 (3040 x 2016) and downsampling it to 2000 x 1312 in a good photo package (I use Photoshop) then compare it to "d1_6.jpg" from the D1, the results will be pretty much the same.

The D1 image is cleaner (smoother, less noise), has a more natural colour balance and looks more "photographic", more like a scan of a slide rather than CCD output.. for my money the D1 has the edge. (Please no Nikon-bias flames, I'm just stating what I see)

The FujiFilm S1 Pro seems to produce an image balance and colour saturation which is "more pleasing" to the eye... The D1 erring more towards neutrality than over-saturation.

BUT! We're not really supposed to be comparing the D1 and S1.. they are apples and oranges, priced and aimed at different markets...

On it's own ground the S1 does seem to be able to stand up and shout "Hey! Look at me, just $3500".