The Fujifilm stand occupies a sizeable portion of hall 4 at the show. There are dedicated zones for the company's printing, movie and instant camera product lines but the digital camera displays are the busiest areas. Fujifilm's 12MP and 4x zoom XF1 enthusiast compact and the X-E1 mirrorless system camera are among the most exciting new products of Photokina 2012 and visitors are standing in line to get their hands on the cameras.

You can also vote on your favorite color for the XF1's leatherette cover (we will update this report with the results at the end of the week) and get your picture taken with an Instax camera. Stunning photographs are on display around the stand and when you've seen enough of those you can enjoy one of the product presentations on the stage area.   

Entrance to the Fujifilm stand in hall 4 at Photokina  The line of Fujinon Cine Lenses are on display
The new 12MP and 4x zoom XF1 is one of the stars of the stand.  
The X-E1 is, after the X-Pro1,  Fujifilm's second mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.  Instead of the X-Pro1's hybrid viewfinder the X-E1 uses an OLED EVF.
 The X-E1 gains a pop-up flash over the X-Pro1.  
An X-E1 that has been taken apart is shown in a display case.  Staff are busy at the Fujifilm Lens Bar.
Many color variants of the Instax instant camera are on display. Product presentations are being given on a stage.
Visitors are being asked to vote on their favorite XF1 color.  XF-1 accessories in a display case
A case contains the latest additions to the X-mount: the XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R LM OIS and the 21mm equiv. XF14mm F2.8 R... ...there are also prototypes of the lenses on Fujifilm's X-mount roadmap. These include a 40.5mm equivalent 27mm F2.8 pancake lens...
...a 35mm equiv. 23mm F1.4 prime... ...a 15-36mm equivalent 10-24mm F4 OIS wide-angle zoom.
There's an 84mm equi.v 56mm F1.4 lens... ...and an 83-300mm equiv. stabilized zoom - the 55-200mm, F3.5-4.8 OIS.