Photographer Nick Laham's Instagramed portrait of Alex Rodriguez made the front page of the New York Times Sunday edition.

Great photographers know the importance of improvising; conditions are often less than optimal and circumstances can change quickly, but a photographer's perserverance can pay off when he soldiers on to get the shot despite all challenges.

Just ask Nick Laham, whose portrait of New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez made the front page of the Sunday edition of the New York Times. 

Laham squeezed into a locker room bathroom to take portraits of Rodriguez and other players during a spring training session. He explained the situation on his blog: 

"This was not my choice, I wasn’t given the option of studio or bathroom stall and decided on the latter. I joined the chain of photographers at 6 a.m. in the confines of the New York Yankees Spring Training facility in Tampa, and took what space I could get and worked with it."

Though Laham also used his DSLR camera to shoot the players, it was his iPhone-captured and Instagram-processed images that earned the attention of the NYT as well as Getty Images, which licensed the photos.

That an Instagramed image could earn such a coveted front-page position yet again has not gone without controversy: Poynter explored the topic today after Laham's image caused the Business Insider to raise a red flag about the demise of photography as we know it. But the move was really nothing new for the Times, which first ran photographer Damon Winter's Hipstamatic image of a soldier in Afghanistan back in November 2010. 

Laham shared more of the images he shot with his iPhone that day on his blog, including these portraits of CC Sabathia, Raúl Ibañez and Mariano Rivera: