Microsoft's search engine will start to feature photos from 500px users.

500px user's photos featured by Bing

In the search engine wars, Microsoft's Bing is often overlooked. But Bing is working to offer a more image-centric option, and will now feature a different photo every day from the image sharing social network 500px.

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In the announcement, Bing's Head of Program Management and Design Lawrence Ripsher, said:

In the coming months, we will highlight select images from over 2.5 million members of the 500px community thru selected parts of the experience. As a passionate photographer myself, I am particularly excited about the platform and exposure this will provide to photographers around the world.

Linea for iOS gets an update

Photo organizing app Linea has improved its importing tool.

The image organizing app for iOS Linea saw an update this week. The latest version of the app has improved Dropbox exporting and cross-line importing. Read our hands on with Linea from a couple months ago.

YouTube co-founders launch a new app

MixBit's viewing platform allows for the upload of several short videos to create a series. Each clip can be up to 16 seconds.
My favorite part about MixBit is the notification to avoid the "vertical video syndrome" that plagues the smartphone videos on YouTube.

YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have released a brand new video app called MixBit. The iOS-only app sets itself apart from the competition by recording individual video clips up to 16 seconds and combining them to create a longer video. Read more here.

Instagram sees some changes

Instagram 4.1 for iOS lets you straighten skewed horizons.
Instagram's video feature lets you upload clips recorded outside the app.

The latest updates for Instagram on Android and iOS saw a few changes for the mobile photography social media app. Android users can now upload video on Instagram and iOS users can straighten up their horizons and upload videos without capturing them in the app. Read more here.

Leonardo debuts to praise from mobile photographers

The clean, mobile-optimized interface of Leonardo makes it easy to perform precise edits.
Editing features on Leonardo range from levels and color adjustment to a clones stamp and Gaussian blur.

Leonardo launched in the iOS app store recently. A full-featured photo editor, this app includes editing tools usually found on heavy-duty desktop software. This week, we took the time to give it a proper hands-on. Read Theano Nikitas' impressions of the brand new app here.