Thanks to Jeff for the heads up on this, according to an article posted yesterday by Reuters, Canon is to invest 55 billion Yen ($451 million) in a new CMOS production factory at its existing site in the Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo. The interesting snippet in this news article comes from the following statement: "The CMOS chips will be used in both single lens reflex (SLR) models as well as in some compact models. Canon's compact cameras have to date used a different type of image sensor called a charge-coupled device (CCD)." This is interesting from an image quality point of view but will also be big news for Canon's existing sensor suppliers such as Sony.

Phil: This could be very significant news, if accurate we could see slightly larger CMOS sensors in compact cameras delivering better quality than todays CCD sensors. I also wouldn't be surprised (or concerned) to see a slight step back in megapixels if it delivered better noise performance and dynamic range.

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