Available through Online Spy Shop, these inconspicuous spectacles will snap shots of unsuspecting civilians.

Google Glass may have some people ready to wait over a year to shell out $1,500 for a chance to check their email while trying to maintain eye-contact with their waiter. But you can start using one the basic functions of Glass for a fraction of the price right now with the Spectacles Camera from Online Spy Shop.

These sneaky glasses cost £438 (about $660 USD) and record at 720 x 625 resolution, sending a video feed down a thin cable to a 32GB storage device the size of a matchbook.

Of course this sort of James Bond technology is nothing new. Other options are far more inexpensive, like the Night Owl Covert Video Sunglasses with 4GB microSD card (about $70 USD from Radio Shack) or the eFashion Spectacles Eyewear Glasses DVR Camcorder Camera (about $50 USD on Amazon), and a plethora of similar specs you'll find through any Internet search.

Unlike Google Glass, these glasses do not come with a built-in computer or calling capabilities (maybe you cound invest in a high-tech spy shoe for that), but they will turn your face into a camera and kind of make you look like a dork.

However, you'd likely still look cooler than this Google Glass photographer: