Members Share Over One Million Photos Digital Imaging Explosion Drives Growth of Popular Photo Sharing Site. announced today that it has reached a major milestone in the photo sharing site's history: members have shared over 1 million photos since the site launched last August.

The millionth photo was submitted by Laurence Poh, a 47-year old Malaysian businessman who has been using the site since February. Mr. Poh has had a keen interest in photography since he was a teenager. His interest was recently revived when he bought his first digital camera earlier this year. ``PhotoPoint is the best Internet medium for photographers to share their pictures with friends and the rest of the world'', says Mr. Poh. ``I'm honored to be featured at'' The millionth photo was of Mr. Poh's puppy, Rusty, an 8-month old English Cocker Spaniel.

``We are very pleased with the growth of the site'', says David Rowley, President of ``With the dramatic increase in digital imaging, including digital cameras, scanners and video capture, it is clear that people are looking for a fast and easy way to share their images. We are constantly impressed by the variety and quality of the photos that people are sharing on the site.''

``This is a major milestone, not only for, but for the digital imaging industry'', says Kristy Holch, InfoTrends Research Group. ``PhotoPoint's growth is a perfect illustration of how rapidly digital imaging is expanding.''

The millionth photo, along with a photo of Mr. Poh can be found at:


The website features an easy way for people to send their photos, add captions, organize photos into albums, and send e-mail announcements to friends and family. The website also sports a comprehensive members photo gallery, organized into Yahoo-style categories. Additional features include the popular ``Photo of the Day'', a list of the most popular albums, discussion forums and a chat room where people can discuss their photos and albums. Members of the popular site come from over 50 different countries worldwide. PhotoPoint has also recently added free hosting services for Real Networks, including the new RealSlideshow application which lets people easily create multimedia slideshow presentations.