Just returned from a very nice long weekend in Hong Kong. Thought I'd post a quick note on what's available digicam wise over there and what the pricing is.

So far no new cameras other than the Fuji-MX2700 (HK$ 5500 / US$ 710). Every shop I went into took a great interest in my Pro70 (slung overmy shoulder), they hadn't seen it yet (it IS available now in Singapore at around S$ 1800 / US$ 1030.

Brief price comparisons (HK$ prices converted to US$):

  • Fuji-MX2700: US$ 710
  • Minolta Dimage EX-1500: US$ 710

Basically I was pretty un-impressed by the range of digicams over there (although prices are pretty good), there is more choice in Singapore. Don't forget, if you ARE buying from Hong Kong or Singapore NEVER accept the first price. Most places don't display a price and when you ask the price it'll be based on how you "look".. Always haggle the price down.

I also took an interest in the new Nokia 8810 GSM handphone at US$ 515 and the new Nokia 9110 communicator at US$ 968. (Heavily haggled prices).. However I noted that Nokia have just launched the new 7110 so I'll hang on for that (my 6110 serves a purpose still).