Mount St. Helens images found decades later
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Mount St. Helens images found decades later

New images of Washington's Mount St. Helens have been recently discovered. Reid Blackburn, a staff photographer for the The Columbian newspaper, took photographs in a flight over the volcano in April 1980. When he got back to the paper's studio his roll was set aside and never developed. Blackburn died in the eruption on May 18, 1980.   

For more than 33 years, Blackburn's unprocessed film sat in a storage box. Until now. Photo assistant Linda Lutes recently found the roll while searching for a different image of Mount St. Helens in The Columbian's studio. It was finally processed. 

See frames from the film in the gallery above. To learn more about the find, read the The Columbian's original story.

Above: An aerial view of Mount St. Helens shot in early April 1980 — about five weeks before its catastrophic eruption. (Reid Blackburn/The Columbian)