Leica has announced that it has a 'new family member' coming on June 11th and, as the German manufacturer continues to tease the 'Mini M' on its website, a photo has emerged which may reveal more details about the forthcoming camera. According to mirrorlessrumors.com, a 'French iPad app' has published what seems to be an advertisement for the new Mini M and, if genuine, it reveals that the Mini will sport a 16MP APS-C sensor and an 28-70mm (equivalent) F3.5-6.4 zoom lens.

Other details from the supposed French advert include full HD video recording and aluminum body construction. Ironically (but not unexpectedly) the photograph indicates that the purported M Mini lacks an optical viewfinder. Why is that ironic? Well, because according to Leica lore, the 'M' in Leica M stands for 'Messsucher', which is German for 'rangefinder'. Of course there's every reason to expect that even if it doesn't offer a 'true' Leica M experience, like the X-2 and (M Typ 240) the new camera will support an optional electronic viewfinder of some description (we're holding out for a re-badged version of the very nice Olympus VF4).  

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Meanwhile, the mysterious black box on Leica's website has opened slightly...

According to mirrorlessrumors.com the new camera will cost 2450 Euros (~$3100). What do you make of this latest rumor? Let us know in the comments.