IBM has today cut the price of the Microdrive. The official prices are now: 1 GB - $379, 512 MB - $259, 340 MB - $199. This brings the Microdrive down to an unbelievable $0.37/MB. "As acceptance of Microdrive by both consumers and device makers grows, we're able to continue with dramatic price cuts," IBM spokesman Michael Kuptz said. IBM has lowered the cost per megabyte by 50 percent in each of the past two years, he added. Also worth noting is that with the Microdrive 1 GB really is 1048576 KB.

1 GB is 1 GB

(After formatting, in Windows 2000)

  • 512 MB SimpleTech CF Type II, free disk space: 511,598,592 bytes (487 MB)
  • 1 GB IBM Microdrive CF Type II, free disk space: 1,076,887,552 bytes (1.0 GB)

IBM measure KB/MB/GB in the computer sense. Buy two 512 MB flash cards and you'll have 51 MB less space than one single 1 GB IBM Microdrive.