Studio and location flash equipment manufacturer Elinchrom has launched a new portable flash system that promises faster recycling times, more bursts per charge and greater flexibility than the company’s current battery-powered kits. The Elinchrom ELB 400 is a 424Ws pack that can manage up to 350 full power flashes per charge and can recycle in 1.6 seconds after a maximum output burst.

The pack is compatible with the company’s Quadra heads, with a choice of the Action head for short duration flash or the Pro head that is designed for powerful output. Measured from a distance of 1m the Pro head can deliver an aperture of f/64.5 at ISO 100 with the standard reflector dish fitted, and the shortest duration bust using the Action head is 1/4000sec.

The pack has dual output sockets, with individual controls for each that allows output A to range between 14-280Ws and output B between 1-140Ws, making a combined output range of 21-424Ws when both sockets are active. In factions, the power range is 1/1 to 1/32, with increments of 1/10 up to half power, and then full power.

The pack features a new OLED display with what the company describes as 'intuitive control', and new strobe, sequence and delayed flash modes have been added.

The pack is powered by a 14.4V/4.1Ah Lithium-ion battery that charges in an hour and a half, and cells that have been stored depleted can be brought back to life by the built-in Battery Rescue Feature.

The ELB 400 weighs 2kg/4.4lb and comes with a Skyport radio trigger system built-in that can operate across 20 channels in four groups.

The pack is compatible with the Quadra Action and Pro heads, as well as a dedicated ring flash, and will be available in a range of kit formations. For more information visit the Elinchrom website.

Product/kit Price inc tax
ELB 400 Pack  £869.00
ELB 400 Pack with Li- Ion Battery & Charger  £1,169.00
Quadra Action Head  £345.00
Quadra Pro Head  £315.00
ELB 400 1 Action Head To Go Set  £1,439.00
ELB 400 1 Pro Head To Go Set  £1,409.00
ELB 400 2 Action Head To Go Set  £2,039.00
ELB 400 2 Pro Head To Go Set  £1,979.00
ELB 400 Action Twin Pack Set  £2,875.00
ELB 400 Pro Head Twin Set  £2,815.00