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Okay, some of our RX100's have seen better days.

Now that we've pulled the wraps off of our Sony RX100 V review, we couldn't help but reflect a bit. After all, the RX100 lineup is extensive, offering potential buyers five models that range from $450 all the way up to $1000. The lack of any price overlap allows them to sit fairly comfortably alongside each other, but for users not so well-versed in their spec differences (and since they all look nearly identical at first glance), we've put together this short primer to help you pick the RX100 that's just the right fit.

These are the headline changes between models, but there's some interesting specifics that vary between them that we'll delve into.

  RX100 RX100 II RX100 III RX100 IV RX100 V
MSRP $450 $600 $750 $900 $1000
Sensor (resolution/size) 20MP CMOS 20MP BSI-CMOS 20MP BSI-CMOS 20MP stacked BSI-CMOS 20MP stacked BSI-CMOS
Lens 28-100mm F1.8-4.9 28-100mm F1.8-4.9 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 24-70mm F1.8-2.8 24-70mm F1.8-2.8
Viewfinder No Optional 2.36M-dot 1.44M-dot 2.36M-dot 2.36M-dot
Video 1080/60p, line skip 1080/60p, line skip 1080/60p full-sensor readout 4K/30p, HFR 4K/30p, HFR
Autofocus Contrast Detect, 25-points Contrast Detect, 25-points Contrast Detect, 25-points Contrast Detect, 25-points Phase Detect, 315-points
Burst w/ continuous AF 10 fps 10 fps 10 fps 16 fps 24 fps
Screen type 3" 1.23M-dot fixed 3" 1.23M-dot tilting 3" 1.23M-dot tilting 3"
1.23M-dot tilting
3" 1.23M-dot tilting
Max shutter speed 1/2000 sec 1/2000 sec 1/2000 sec 1/32000 sec (elec.) 1/32000 sec (elec.)
Hot shoe No Yes No No No
Wi-Fi No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery life 330 shots 350 shots 320 shots 280 shots 220 shots