After last week's announcement of the NX300, Samsung revealed six more compacts with a connectivity focus today, the start of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The NX300 particularly caught our eye for its numerous smartphone-influenced upgrades. It's also the first camera to offer dual-channel Wi-Fi -- a feature starting to appear on laptops and smartphones that allows for faster downloads. A new app will help users connect to external Internet-connected devices more seamlessly, and an auto-share mode will copy every shot you take to your connected mobile device.

The six cameras revealed today include the WB250F: an 18x, 24-432mm equiv compact superzoom with a 3.0" touch screen and the company's latest Wi-Fi implementation - dubbed 'Smart 2.0.' The WB250F uses a 14MP BSI CMOS sensor while its near-twin, the WB200F, uses a 14MP CCD chip. Meanwhile the WB800F uses a 16MP BSI CMOS sensor behind a 21x, 23-483mm equivalent lens.

You can read more about the full roundup from Samsung today at