Fujifilm has been showing off the way its X-Pro1's hybrid viewfinder will behave when used with zoom lenses - which we demonstrate in a video. It has also moved to quell suggestions that its XF lenses are ready for a full-frame X-mount camera. 'It would not work - XF lenses could not be used with a full-frame sensor,' said Hiroshi Kawahara, operations manager of Fujifilm's product planning division. He also drew our attention to the way X-Pro1 users will be able to use the hybrid viewfinder with zoom lenses - a feature that will be added in a forthcoming firmware update.

Initially it was unclear whether the X-Pro1 would be able to use its hybrid viewfinder with a zoom, or whether it would be restricted to using its electronic viewfinder mode. The good news is that it's not only is it possible, but its implementation is rather elegant.

Zooming the lens causes the viewfinder frame lines to smoothly contract, to represent the new field of view. The clever feature comes when you get to longer focal lengths. As with other long lenses, to avoid the framelines taking up a tiny section of the finder, holding the VF mode selection lever for 2 seconds engages the viewfinder's magnifying lens - giving a larger view of the subject and framing.

As you zoom out, once your view becomes wider than the magnified viewfinder allows, warning arrows appear at the corners of the finder to stress that you aren't seeing the whole frame. Holding the VF mode lever again reverts to the unmagnified view.

This video, shot on the Fujifilm stand at Photokina, shows the viewfinder as the lens is zoomed. At the full extent of the zoom, the magnified view is engaged. The lens is then zoomed-out again, showing the out-of-bound warning arrows at the corner of the finder.

Fujifilm says the firmware to enable this feature will be included on an SD card when a customer buys the 18-55mm zoom.