Sony is planning to heavily target the full-frame camera market, according to a report from The Korea Times. The company announced its intentions last week at a press conference in Seoul. Sony Korea's Digital Imaging & Alpha Marketing Department head Bae Ji-hoon said that Sony plans to first target current full-frame camera users, then shift toward attracting new customers who currently use 'entry and mid-class models.'

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As part of its marketing goals, Bae said Sony will increase its 'presence in the professional market such as photo studios and wedding photography.' Bae cited 'stagnant growth' in the camera market, including the entry-level interchangeable lens cameras segment, as one reason for Sony's new focus. Despite lower tier camera growth shrinking, manufacturers are seeing increased demand for mid-tier and high-end cameras.

Bae also commented on some of Sony's upcoming goals, saying, 'We held a 59 percent share in the mirrorless camera market last year and have been the top seller of mirrorless cameras for the last five years. But we have never topped the gross lens-interchangeable camera market on a yearly basis. Our goal this year is to become the leader in this market for the first time.'

This announcement comes just after Sony released its latest financial report. Sony partially credits its modest increase in digital imaging products sales increase to selling more high-end cameras, as sales in the low end continue to decrease.