Just updated: Features added to 'For Sale and Wanted' forum. It's been three weeks since we introduced the long-requested For Sale forum and, at launch, we said we'd add features to improve the experience, if it was popular. Well it's been a big success, so we've developed a range of special features specifically to make the forum more useful and easier to use. Not only have we added the ability to withdraw or close threads (and an option for hiding closed threads), we've also created a feedback system that allows buyers and sellers to rate one another.

Marking a thread as closed

One of the features we think will be particularly useful is the ability to mark a thread as closed when the item in question has been bought or sold. Or, if you've simply changed your mind, you can choose to withdraw a thread.

The options to mark an item as Sold or Bought, or to withdraw the thread, appear above the first message in the thread:

You'll see we've also added a 'Contact Poster' button at the top right, which allows you to easily send a private message to the poster of that thread.

Marking an item as Sold or Bought then provides you with the opportunity to leave feedback about the person you've bought from or sold to, and gives them the same opportunity. Withdrawing a thread simply deletes it and gives you no chance to leave or receive feedback from the transaction.

Once a thread has been closed, other users are then able to filter out closed threads when they view the forum:

Providing Feedback

If you tag a trading partner, after a deal has been struck, you can then leave feedback about one another. If you choose to leave feedback, you have up to seven days to modify your response, so you can update the results when you've received your item.

This feedback is aggregated and appears in your user profiles, allowing you to build up a reputation: