As you may have noticed we had been affiliated with Outpost.Com for price listings and direct purchases through the website. After feedback from readers we realised that Outpost couldn't offer buyers the best prices, product knowledge or reliability.

We're proud to announce our new affiliation with State Street Direct Online.

State Street Direct have been specialising in Digital Cameras and accessories for a long time and have a good reputation for great service, the LOWEST prices and stock of the latest and greatest cameras. They're also well known and well liked in the online digital photography community. Digital Photography Review and State Street Direct bringing you the best digital photography news, information and reviews and now the lowest prices and best service on the net.

State Street Direct also have the unique "Live Link" system which allows you to correspond directly "LIVE" to a State Street Direct staff member with any questions you may have (available Monday-Friday between 9am and 6pm EST).

Look out for lots of new digicam shopping services available through this site including extra special bundles, starter kits and special offers.

If you previously priced through this site and found our older Outpost.Com prices too expensive, please try again.

Important: If you buy from State Street via a link on this site (from the front news page, product specifications or reviews) you'll help to support this (expensive to run!) site... Please do your bit and help support the site, remember us next time you intend to purchase!