Just posted: Pentax K-01 studio sample shots. We're in the process of running a production K-01 through our studio tests, so wanted to present the results of our standard test scene. The K-01 fits a lot of the excellent K-5 into a somewhat avant-garde mirrorless body. Retaining a similar 16MP APS-C sensor to the K-5, we expect great things from it, in terms of image quality, so does it live up to those expectations?

These test shots are also available from other reviews and the standalone tool, which can be accessed via the 'Review Comparison Tool' link in the Reviews menu on any page of the site.

We've replaced the Raw shots from the K-01, having discovered an error in the Noise Reduction settings used to originally process them. We apologise for the mistake and any confusion caused.

 Click here to see the samples as part of our preview