Have your say: Best high-end ILC of 2017
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Have your say: Best high-end ILC of 2017

The high-end market has really heated up in 2017, with the introduction of new video and stills flagships from a range of manufacturers. As you might expect, you have your choice of sensor size and price point, but overall, we've been floored by the market's impressive pace of innovation. It seems every new camera comes with the introduction of new features that can really have an impact on your photography.

So take a look through the best the photography market has to offer, and be sure to cast your vote!

Voting runs through December 18th 20th, and once the vote has closed we'll run a second poll to find your choice for overall product of the year.

Have your say

Have your say: Best high-end ILC of 2017
  • Fujifilm GFX 50S14.6%
  • Leica M104.3%
  • Nikon D85027.3%
  • Panasonic Lumix DC-G96.4%
  • Panasonic Lumix DC-GH55.0%
  • Sony Alpha a7R III27.7%
  • Sony Alpha a914.8%
Total voters: 3,598

Voting is easy - you pick your favorite products by dragging and dropping. You can pick up to three, and rank them in order of priority.

Poll Rules:

  • This poll is meant to be a bit of fun. It's not sponsored, promoted or paid for in any way and DPReview doesn't care how you vote, so please don't start a flame-war in the comments. I.e., please don't be a troll.

  • It's fine to vote for products that you haven't used (some aren't yet shipping, after all) but please don't vote purely just to sandbag another product or brand. I.e., please don't be a troll.

  • Please only vote once, from a single account. Creating and voting from multiple accounts for a community poll of no consequence is a waste of everyone's time. See points 1 and 2, above, about not being a troll.