Just a quick note to the tens of foreign websites who regularly copy our content without permission. We are now actively seeking you out. Since publishing my Sony DSC-F717 and HP 850 articles images (including studio shots), specifications and even editorial content as appeared on Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Taiwanese and numerous other so called 'serious' hardware websites. These sites are nothing better than leaches attaching themselves to successful sites such as ourselves (some even carry advertising from digital camera manufacturers!). In the last hour we have added no less than eight new sites all of which have been contacted and their details added to our database of known offenders. This database will be shared with other sites and in some cases legal action may follow.

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Just a few examples

(Some material may already have been removed as a result of our emails)

You can help

If you know of any such websites or you think you may have seen one of our images, text (even translated) or specs tables on other sites.