Fujifilm has today announced the new 'SuperCCD HR' sensor type. This announcement is one of two which mark SuperCCD's fourth generation. The SuperCCD HR (High Resolution) offers an effective resolution of six megapixels at the 1/1.7" size and three megapixels at the 1/2.7" size. This would for instance push the resolution of an S602 Zoom type camera up to six megapixels effective, twelve megapixels output image size. What's a little disappointing is that this announcement comes at the same time as the more interesting but lower resolution 'SuperCCD SR' sensor (see next news article).

Press Release (Fujifilm UK):

Fujifilm launches Super CCD Type HR (High Resolution)

New CCD raises the question:
Do you still need a large camera for powerful resolution?

22 January 2003: Fuji Photo Film (UK) Ltd today announced the introduction of two new Fourth Generation Super CCDs that will deliver Super CCD image quality in an even smaller package. Named 'Super CCD Type HR' (HR stands for High Resolution), the new sensors will enable Fujifilm to produce even smaller digital cameras that will offer all the benefits of Third Generation Super CCD, including finer detail, improved dynamic range, higher sensitivity and higher signal to noise ratio.

Traditionally, fitting more photodiodes onto a CCD has led to impairment of the CCD's light-collecting ability. However, by employing state-of-the-art research and manufacturing processes, Fujifilm has overcome this problem by achieving the necessary amplification of the intensity of light reaching the photodiode. Thus, the benefits of 3G Super CCD are extracted from a much smaller sensor.

The first of the two sensors will be a 1/2.7" size sensor with an effective resolution of 3.1 million pixels, and an output resolution of 6 million pixels. This delivers a 50% higher effective pixel count than the current 3G sensor of the same size found in Fujifilm's FinePix F401 Zoom, for example.

The second sensor is a 1/1.7" size sensor featuring an effective resolution of 6 million pixels, with an output resolution of 12 million pixels. This will allow the immense resolving power of the highly acclaimed FinePix S2 Pro camera to be accommodated within much smaller camera bodies.

Adrian Clarke, Director of Consumer Products, Fuji Photo Film (UK) Ltd, said, "The introduction of Fujifilm's Third Generation Super CCD in 2001 set new standards in digital camera technology, allowing users to take extremely high resolution images in a wide range of conditions. With this Fourth Generation sensor, photographers will realise that a large camera is no longer necessary for generating this level of detail." Fujifilm's Super CCD Type HR provides the following advantages for digital photographers:

  • Extremely compact digital camera design
  • Ultra-high resolution images
  • High quality VGA movies
  • Faster shutter speeds for action shots
  • Low noise photography
  • Low light photography