When Marissa Mayer was named new CEO of Yahoo recently, Los Angeles-based journalist Sean Bonner posted an appeal for her to 'please make flickr awesome again', signing it 'the Internet'. On his blog, Bonner commented that Flickr, was acquired by Yahoo in 2005, needs someone to 'put some support behind it, bring it up to date, give it an actually functional mobile app and commit to keeping it alive'. 

Sean Bonner's appeal to new Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to 'please make Flickr awesome again' has been tweeted more than 20,000 times since he posted it on July 17th.

Claiming that 'it’s no secret that everyone blames Yahoo! for killing Flickr' Bonner created the appeal in the hope that '[Meyer] could be the one to breath life back into it'. His appeal went viral, and today Flickr - which by its own account hosts more than five billion digital images - posted a response, copying the style of Bonner's original open letter.

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Addressed 'dear Internet', Flickr's reply invites users to 'come help us make Flickr awesomer' and contains a link to flickr.com/jobs where interested potential applicants can find details of several open positions.

Flickr's tongue-in-cheek response to Bonner's appeal asks for help to 'make flickr awesomer' and provides a link to open positions at the photo-sharing site. 

Although it still has a massive user-base, Flickr has been challenged in recent years by a new wave of competitors including social networking sites like Facebook, which offer increasingly advanced photography-oriented features, and dedicated sharing apps such as Instagram (now also owned by Facebook). 

Are you a Flickr user? Are you satisfied, or do you think it needs to be made 'more awesome'? Or have you turned away from Flickr altogether, in favour of other photo-sharing sites? Let us know. 

(Via wired.com)