Olympus is denying reports that it is ceasing its production of DSLR cameras. In its official statement Olympus says there is no truth to these reports and the company will continue to offer DSLR cameras alongside its popular mirrorless camera range. The reports came as Olympus promised 'extensive business restructuring' in its imaging division, above and beyond the downsizing already taking place as part of its 'medium term vision.' The company announced that it expects its camera business to lose around ¥16 billion (~$170 million) in this financial year - double its forecasts.

In our recent interview with Olympus' Toshi Terada, Manager, Product Planning SLR products, had confirmed the company's commitment to its existing DSLR owners stating, 'There are people using E-400, 500 and 600-series DSLRs, we have to provide products for them to keep enjoying their photography.'

The Olympus E-5, released in 2010 is Olympus's most recent DSLR - could it be the last?