Labs beta: As revealed last Thursday (our tenth anniversary) today we are flicking the switch on our latest (and potentially biggest) new site feature. Our Challenges system provides a mechanism by which photographic challenges can be both created and entered by any member of our community. The initial beta has a few limitations (see inside for details). That said we're excited to make this new feature available today and hope you will enjoy testing it, we would actively encourage feedback using the special link available at the bottom of all challenges pages.

Phil: We're excited (and naturally a little nervous) but hope you'll enjoy trying out this new site feature (remember it's in beta), please remember that this is a taster of what will be available in the final version.

Challenges beta limitations

  • Challenges can only be entered, not created (first challenges available have been created by us) *
  • Only voting system available is stars (out of five), only one voting phase
  • Phase periods are currently fixed at a week (one week for submissions, one week for votes)

A taste of some future Challenges features

  • User created challenges
  • User challenge profiles (images submitted, challenges won, etc.)
  • Support for series of challenges
  • Forums integration with forum specific challenges
  • Commenting
  • Multiple voting types (including various points systems, short listing)
  • "Pass the baton" style Challenge creation (winner creates the next Challenge)
  • Additional display modes for challenge page
  • Challenges widget on front page of the site

* Volunteers to become Series / Challenge hosts please contact us via this link, please note we will only consider you for this position if you can demonstrate some experience of challenge creation / series management

Click here to go straight to Challenges beta

(to get going to just click on a Challenge that interests you and then the button)