All images by Tim Landis. 

It's been so cold in Duluth, Minnesota lately that mobile photographer Tim Landis, known as @curious2119 across most social sharing platforms, has had a hard time keeping his iPhone 5 powered on. Nevertheless, he's managed to capture some amazing snowy sights in recent weeks.

A prolific poster, Landis shares at least one image per day on his Instagram feed. The element of social sharing brought photography into focus for this self-described "social media geek."

"Mobile and Instagram is where I first got addicted to photography," Landis said. 

His specialty is landscapes, often made all the more interesting with the addition of a human subject faced away from the camera. The strategy seems to help viewers place themselves inside a Landis scene.

"I really try to use the rule of thirds as much as possible," Landis explained. "I also like to use lines to lead people's eyes towards the subject or an end point. In my landscape photos I'm pretty picky with my horizon lines. I like it to be on the top or bottom line of the grid. I also like for vanishing lines [or] points to hit the corners of the frame."

Landis says Snapseed is his go-to editor, but he also relies on Vsco Cam and Cross Process, as well as AfterLight -- formerly Afterglow -- which includes a filter named for Landis: Curious. He turns to 6x6 or the native iOS camera app to capture images. 

Recently, Landis has been exploring advertorial mobile photography, teaming up with brands like Jefferson Lines, a bus service in the midwest of America. He helped to organize an Instameet on a Jefferson Lines' run between St. Paul and Minneapolis, luring more than 50 riders to hop aboard for a moving Instameet. Participants shared their experience by posting images on Instagram using the hashtag #JeffersonLines.

He was also invited to be part of a promotional event for Nike in which about a dozen Instagramers helped to launch the @nikerunning Instagram account. Nike organized a run for the participants that included a helicopter ride over and under the Golden Gate Bridge. Landis and other Instagramers shared their experience via the hashtag #projectflysf. 

"It was a really incredible experience for me because I got the chance to meet some of my favorite artists who inspire me to be a better photographer," Landis said.

Landis helped Nike market its @nikerunning Instagram account by taking part in a promotional run with other Instagramers in San Francisco last month.
Nike took Landis and other Instagramers for a helicopter ride over and under the Golden Gate Bridge and participants shared the experience using the hashtag #projectflysf.

Landis is enjoying these opportunities to work with brands.

"It gives you a unique opportunity to capture something different than the things you see on a daily basis ... it's fun to do a different variety of projects," Landis said. "I think it works out very well for brands. Especially when they are allowing someone with a broad audience to capture what the brand wants, but in the artist's way, still allowing them to have that freedom. I think it's beneficial and fun for both parties."