Just Posted: Our Canon EOS M preview samples gallery. We've had a chance to shoot with the Canon EOS M, the company's first mirrorless camera, over a weekend on Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shooting exclusively with the 22mm F2 prime lens, we prepared a gallery of real-world images shot in a variety of situations and under a range of lighting conditions. In addition to camera JPEGs, we've processed a series of images at different ISO settings through the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw.

Having shot with the EOS M for four days, in a variety of circumstances, it's hard to shake the impression that a potentially promising camera risks being undermined by woefully slow autofocus. We're assured that the 18-55mm zoom lens will be faster than the 22mm prime (and the zoom's internal focus design makes that possible), but, pitched against some increasingly mature competition, it really needs to be.

The camera itself is small and subtle, and its touch-screen user interface is very likeable whether used as a point-and-shoot or when taking an interest in the deeper camera settings. However, everything you've read about the autofocus performance with the 22mm lens is true - and it's enough to spoil the shooting experience. This sample gallery should allow you to craw some conclusions about its image quality.

Huge thanks to lensrentals for lending us this production-standard Canon EOS-M.

Canon EOS-M Preview Samples - Posted 6th November 2012

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