Video accessories manufacturer Edelkrone has launched a new dolly for DSLRs that's designed to fold up and fit in your pocket. The PocketSkater 2 features three wheels and a tilting Flextilt head so photographers can shoot moving footage with the camera angled upwards or down. The wheels allow camera panning motion around or across a subject, as well as in/out shots with the camera going towards or away from the scene. When not in use the wheels fold away against the base of the dolly so the unit doesn't have to come off the camera.

Although it only weighs 0.5kg/1lb itself, the PocketSkater 2 can carry up to 2.5kg/5.5lb of equipment, holding the camera at between 77mm/3in and 140mm/5.5in off the ground. The unit is made from aluminum, with stainless steel screws and rubber rings around the wheels.

The Edelkrone PocketSkater 2 costs €249.99/$290. For more information visit the Edelkrone website.