CES 2007 was much like the CES' of its day: plenty of compact cameras were announced, Wi-Fi photo frames were all the rage and memory cards grew faster with higher capacities (Class 6 cards of 16GB were on the way!) Digital technologies also continued to converge, as evidenced by a camera Samsung announced that year: the i70. 

The i70 was Samsung's latest attempt to combine a camera and a portable media player – it could play MP3s and videos, and included a text viewer. The camera featured a sliding design which, when expanded, revealed its 3x zoom lens coupled to a 7MP sensor.

The 'i' in i7 no doubt took some inspiration from the MP3 player of the day, the iPod. And it just so happened that days after the i70 launched, another 'i' made its debut: the first iPhone. In a matter of years, the iPhone would be the most popular camera in the world. Samsung may have had its head in the right place with a camera that could do more than take pictures, but Apple was a step ahead of them.